There Is No "One Key" To Great Dental Health

Get Maximum Results With The Minimum Amount Of Dentistry

The thought of cosmetic dentistry often evokes images of Hollywood smiles and expensive makeovers. However, although they are great, these makeovers do not suit every individual. A great aspect of cosmetic dentistry is that you can get superb results with minimal effort. Indeed, it takes the skill of a seasoned dentist to see how a small adjustment may be all that is needed to give a patient the result they are looking for. The following are different procedures that you can get with minimum dentistry.

  1. Tooth reshaping (a procedure also referred to as enameloplasty or re-contouring). With this procedure, a dentist can alter the length, width, or density of the teeth with minimal reshaping. This is a hugely effective way of of re-aligning teeth that are marginally out of line with one another. However, it is not suitable where teeth are severely misaligned because the teeth can become sensitive if too much of their structure is removed.    
  2. Teeth whitening. Tooth whitening is a type of minimum procedure that can have an impact in less than an hour. There are different methods for whitening the teeth but these can be broadly divided into at-home and in-office treatments. Some at-home methods can take up to two weeks while in-office treatment can be undertaken in around an hour. You can also buy some tooth whitening products over the counter.
  3. Dental bonding. A smile can be significantly changed in less than an hour with this type of minimal dentistry. Dental bonding is used to close unsightly gaps or chips in a way that makes a tooth look entirely natural.  
  4. Onlays. With these procedures, very little natural or healthy tooth structure is removed which is very unlike the procedure for crowns. An inlay or onlay is generally made of porcelain for a cosmetic effect. These are a great solution because they save tooth structure and are not as expensive as porcelain crowns.  
  5. A lumineer. Lumineers are the epitome of minimum dentistry. Very little or no preparation is needed on the tooth. However, the end result can have a bulky appearance. Hence, some dentists are reluctant to provide this treatment.  
  6. The snap-on smile. Again, there is no preparation needed for this treatment. A new smile is literally made and snapped on over your teeth. This is a great solution for special occasions, such as an interview or weddings.  
  7. Gum re-contouring. Here, some of the gum tissue is removed to make teeth look longer, to make the gum line even, or to remove a gummy smile.    

You don't have to spend a lot of time or money on cosmetic dentistry. A smile can be dramatically transformed with a few small changes. The aim is to fulfill the desires of the patient and provide them with functional teeth. With minimum dentistry, virtually everyone can enjoy the advantages of a cosmetic makeover with a minimal investment of time, effort, and money. For more information, talk to resources such as Pittsburgh Dental Spa.