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Options For Closing The Gap Between Your Front Teeth

When you smile, do you dread seeing yourself in the mirror because of the gap you have between your top front teeth? If so, you have a condition that is referred to as a diastema. A diastema is the gap you see between your teeth; and while this is not hazardous for your health, it can be embarrassing. A cosmetic dentist can fix this for you with one of the following methods:


Braces are used to shift teeth into proper alignment, but getting braces might not be something you are interested in. Braces are used more often with teens than with adults, and braces require time. If you are not interested in waiting 12 to 24 months for this gap to close, you should find out what other options are available.

Other Options

A cosmetic dentist can often correct this gap by using various types of dental products. The benefit of using one of these options is that you will have instant results. After getting one of these procedures, you will leave the dental office without the gap you once had. Here are some of the choices you may have to eliminate the gap between your teeth:

  • Composites – the white material used to fill in cavities can be used to increase the size of a tooth. With this method, a dentist places this material on each front tooth. This makes the teeth larger, which automatically causes the gap to close.
  • Veneers – this method operates with the same philosophy, but veneers are actual shells of teeth. The shells are created larger than the existing teeth, and a dentist places them directly over the teeth. Afterwards, the front teeth look larger, and the gap is no longer as evident.

Both of these methods will result in natural-looking teeth, but the main difference is the way the existing teeth are affected. With a composite, the teeth are not affected in any way, and the process is reversible. With veneers, the teeth are actually shaved down and the procedure is not reversible.

Before a cosmetic dentist can tell you which option is best for your teeth, he or she will need to complete an evaluation. During this, the dentist will determine what caused the gap, and this will help him or her decide how to treat the problem.

If you would like to learn more about your options with this, make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist.