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What's So Special About Baby Teeth?

They're tiny and eventually they're all going to fall out. They're your child's baby teeth, and you're wondering why going to a kids' dentist is a must-do if your little one's chompers aren't even permanent. Understanding why your child's primary teeth are important and what a pediatric pro can do to help is key to a healthy mouth.

What's so special about "baby teeth" and why does your child need to see a dentist for kids? Here are a few reasons why:

Clear speech.

Your child's first full set of teeth are necessary for clear speech, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Imagine how challenging speaking would be if your mouth was all gums and no teeth. Your child is still learning how to speak. Take away the teeth and you're putting up another hurdle. Healthy, intact teeth are essential for on-target speech development. Regular visits to the pediatric dentist help to ensure that your child's teeth contribute to clear speech.

Chewing and feeding.

Gulping down breast milk or formula is essentially easy. It doesn't require chewing and is something that your baby can do without teeth. Fast-forward to 6-months-old and your baby is transitioning to solids. Slurping purees and mouthing mashed meals is equally as easy with a mouth that's minus a full set of teeth. That said, as your tot moves towards eating table foods and entrees with texture, chewing is a must. That's where primary teeth come in to play. Keep in mind, as your child begins eating a more varied diet, dental health becomes even more important when it comes to preventing cavities and maintaining overall health.

Holding space.

The American Dental Association notes that baby teeth hold space as your child waits to get the permanent versions that are growing under the gums. A kids' dentist makes sure that there is enough space in the jaw as your child's primary teeth grow and fall out.

Developing good habits.

Along with the physical and developmental reasons, your child's baby teeth provide the chance for her to develop healthy dental habits from a young age. Your child watches you clean her teeth and later practices brushing on her own. Beginning brushing early on builds a base for life-long dental care. The dentist can assist your child in using the proper technique and brushing her way to a super smile!

Even though primary teeth aren't permanent, they're still important. Baby teeth build clear speech, help with eating, set the stage for mouth structure and help your child learn about dental health. Visit a kid's dentist, like those at Alaska Dentistry For Kids, today to start your child on the right track.