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3 Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Correct Multiple Aesthetic Issues At Once

It may not be as hard to improve the look of your teeth as you think. If you suffer from teeth that have multiple issues, you may not know what can be done to quickly correct their appearance. Nevertheless, misshapen, cracked and discolored teeth can be corrected at the same time. Here are a few cosmetic dentistry procedures that can address multiple aesthetic issues with the same application:

Dental Crowns

If a single tooth is chipped or broken and discolored, it can be corrected with the application of a dental crown. A dental crown, which can be fashioned from multiple tooth-colored materials, such as resin, porcelain or porcelain-over-metal, can be placed over a damaged tooth to improve its appearance.

The crown, which is permanently bonded to the tooth, is usually created from a mold or impression of the patient's teeth, so the crown fits seamlessly with the other teeth in your mouth.

Most dental crowns require two dental visits for placement. During the first visit, the mold of your mouth is prepared. During the second appointment, the lab-created crown is applied.

However, some porcelain crowns, which are called same-day crowns, may be prepared during a single visit. These crowns are created in your dentist's office by computerized milling machines from digital images of your mouth.

Composite Bonding Material

Composite bonding material can be applied to cover and protect a damaged tooth. The material, can fill in a chip or crack or completely conceal dental discoloration. Composite bonding material is generally made of resin, which is a special type of plastic. The material is pliable and can be molded to your teeth until your dentist applies a special light to harden it.

Composite bonding can usually be applied during a single dental appointment.


Veneers are thin sheaths of porcelain or resin that can be bonded to the teeth to conceal imperfections. The tooth-shaped slivers of material can give teeth the appearance of being perfectly shaped and pearly white.

Veneers are quite thin, so they don't protrude from the mouth or alter your bite. However, they do require the teeth to be lightly debrided before application. In addition, veneers, like conventional porcelain crowns, generally require two dental visits for placement.

If you have multiple cosmetic concerns about your teeth, a cosmetic dentist may be able to correct them with a single dental application. To learn which applications may be suitable for you, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in your area.