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Thre Commonly Asked Questions About Dentures

When you have had the misfortune of losing many of your teeth, replacing them can be important for both restoring your smile as well as allowing you the full range of use for your mouth. Sadly, many dental patients are not particularly well-informed about their options for replacing teeth. In order to make sure that you are as prepared as possible to evaluate getting dentures, you should know the following answers to a few questions.

How Long Will It Take For Your Dentures To Be Ready?

Some patients may assume that they will be able to get their dentures the same day that they visit the dentist. However, this is not typically the case as the dentist will need to take molds of your mouth to send to a special laboratory where the dentures will be made. This entire process can take a couple of weeks. Depending on your particular needs and the clinic you use, it may be possible to be fitted with temporary dentures until the permanent ones arrive. However, these dentures may not be as secure or natural looking as the permanent ones.

Will The Dentures Be Prone To Falling Out?

It can be common for patients to be worried about their dentures sitting securely in their mouth. Fortunately, dentures are designed so that they will grip your gums. While the dentures may feel somewhat different for the first few days that you have them, this will quickly pass, and the dentures will naturally feel secure in your mouth. If you notice the dentures starting to become loose or fit differently, you may be able to use denture adhesive to help them stay secure. This should not be a permanent solution, as these adhesives can irritate the gums, but it will allow you to enjoy secure fitting dentures while you wait to be seen by the dentist.

Is It Hard To Clean Dentures?

Cleaning the dentures at the end of the day is one of the most important tasks that you can do. If you fail to thoroughly clean them, food particles may contribute to bacteria growing on the dentures, which can cause gum disease or irritation.

Luckily, cleaning dentures is fairly simple. You should remove them from your mouth and use a toothbrush to brush them as you would your natural teeth. After you have brushed the dentures, use floss to thoroughly clean between the teeth before thoroughly rinsing them under running water. If you will not be sleeping with your dentures, you should place them in a glass of sanitizing solution to prevent bacteria from starting to grow.