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Five Ways To Reduce Sensitivity When Whitening Your Teeth

Having a smile that you're proud of can increase your self-confidence. Feeling good about the way you look may allow you to lead a more active life. One of the easiest ways to make your smile brighter is by whitening your teeth. This is a process you can have completed at your dental office for optimal results. However, one issue you may face extreme sensitivity. It's in your best interest to know how to minimize this problem before getting this procedure done.

Watch what you eat and drink

One of the reasons you may experience sensitivity is because of eating or drinking foods and liquids that are extremely hot or cold. This can increase the likelihood of your teeth being overly sensitive.

You will want to monitor the things you consume before and after having your teeth whitened by a professional for optimal results. You may be surprised how much the temperature of certain things you consume can affect your teeth.

Use products with fluoride

Of course, keeping your teeth in the best condition should be your first concern. Accomplishing this can be done by choosing a toothpaste and other mouth products that have fluoride.

Using these will help remineralize your teeth, which will work to reduce the potential of dealing with too much sensitivity.

Take breaks

It's in your best interest to take breaks in between getting your teeth whitened. Your dental provider will use the highest level of hydrogen peroxide on your teeth to get the best results.

Due to the amount of peroxide in the whitening gel, you should talk to your dental provider about the frequency in which you should have this process completed.

Chew gum

You may want to invest in a pack of sugar-free gum. Chewing this type of gum may be helpful in reducing the amount of sensitivity you have after getting your teeth professionally whitened.

Choose a soft-bristled brush

You will want to be extra careful brushing your teeth immediately after having this process done because your teeth may be more sensitive. Using a toothbrush that is softer can be the key to experiencing less discomfort after getting your teeth whitened.

There are many benefits to talking to your dentist about the results you may be able to achieve with this cosmetic process. This may be the motivation you need to schedule your appointment and start your journey towards having a whiter smile today!

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