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The Two Main Benefits Of Getting Trial Smile Veneers Before Regular Ones

When you are looking for a dentist or cosmetic dentist to place veneers on your teeth, one of the questions you should ask them is if they use trial smile veneers, or provisional temporary veneers, before they make and place normal veneers, or if they just use a computer mock-up to show you what the veneers will look like. Learning the benefits of using a dentist or cosmetic dentist who uses trial smile veneers will help see why this is an important factor you should look for in a dental professional. 

Allows You to See How the Veneers Will Look

The biggest advantage to getting trial smile veneers is that you get to see how the veneers will look. Trial smile veneers are composite plastic veneers that are basically tiny molds of the exact thing that the dentist plans on putting on your teeth. These small plastic molds can be placed on your teeth and worn for about five minutes, allowing you to determine if you like the shape and size of the veneer and if it feels comfortable. If you are not happy, the dentist can easily make changes and allow you to re-test them. This allows you to get a much more realistic feel for what the veneers will look like compared to computer simulation software. 

Creates a Perfect Mold for the Dentist to Use

Once you are satisfied with the shape, size and fit of the trial smile veneers, the dentist will then take these small plastic veneers and use them as the mold that is used to create your resin or porcelain veneers. This helps to ensure that your new veneers fit you perfectly. When trial smile veneers are not used, the dentist has to go by the computer simulation to determine the shape and size of your veneers. If they come in and you do not like the way the look or fit, the dentist may be able to make a few minor tweaks in the office. But if more significant changes are needed, they have to be sent back to the company that made them or the dentist has to remake them themselves, both of which takes time. You won't have these delays if the dentist uses trial smile veneers first. 

If you are looking to have veneers placed on your teeth, looking for a dentist who does trial smile veneers, or provisional temporary veneers, before they make your real veneers can help you see just what your veneers will look like and creates a perfect mold for the dentist to use. This can help to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new veneers.