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Non-Congenital Causes Of Cosmetic Dental Issues

Many people are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. Various dental issues, such as gaps, chips, cracks, and discoloration, can cause a lack of uniformity in the look of the teeth. 

Some dental issues are the result of a birth defect. However, others occur due to environmental factors. 

Here are few non-congenital causes of cosmetic dental issues.

Accidental Trauma

Trauma that happens inadvertently can quickly alter the appearance of the teeth. Chips, cracks and even discoloration can result from a blow to the mouth.

Although a chip or crack may not destroy the health of a tooth, it can change the tooth's appearance. Chips and cracks can be corrected using dental crowns, dental veneers or composite bonding material.

Dental crowns surround the portion of the tooth that lies above the gumline, covering all sides of the tooth to conceal the cosmetic blemish. A dental veneer only covers the front portion of a tooth. However, since the front of a tooth is the area that is readily displayed when a person speaks or eats, the cosmetic dental issue is still hidden.

A dental bonding material can also be applied to a cracked or chipped tooth. The composite application fills in the area of missing tooth material. Once the bonding substance is shaped and hardened into position, it is polished to look like tooth enamel.

Discoloration can also result from dental trauma. However, the change in tooth coloring does not respond to chemical whiteners. Instead, it would need to be covered, using a crown or veneer.


Tooth decay occurs because of oral acids and can also affect the appearance of a tooth. A tooth that is severely decayed may appear brown, black or yellow. Additionally, portions of the tooth may be missing.

To treat the damaged tooth, any remaining portions of decay are removed, and the hole in the tooth is filled. Once the decay has been treated with a filling, the tooth may still require additional support and cosmetic enhancement. 

A large dental filling may be covered by a dental crown. The crown's shape can be matched to that of the patient's other teeth to look natural in the mouth. Additionally, if the crown is made of porcelain or resin, the color of the device can be matched to the patient's natural tooth coloring.

If you are not pleased with the appearance of your teeth, contact the office of a cosmetic dental clinic like Professional Dental Center in your local area to schedule an appointment.