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Gums Sore? Try These Flossing Alternatives

Your goal may be to practice good oral hygiene while at home, but the physical act of using dental floss can cause your gums to be sore. If this has been causing you to skip out on flossing each day, it is time to look for an alternative method that could be effective at cleaning between your teeth. Here are some great alternatives to flossing.

Floss Pick

While a floss pick will use string dental floss, this dental tool as a few benefits that make it a better option. Having a handle on the floss allows you to get between teeth far back in your mouth. This makes the cleaning process much easier than to actually floss between your teeth, since you have some added leverage when reaching back there. The handle also assists with making the motion that helps get rid of the plaque. Floss picks often use waxed dental floss, which won't be abrasive when rubbed against the gums.

Water Flosser

A water flosser will use a water jet to help remove plaque between the teeth. It will also help remove food particles, clean the gums, and be quite effective at doing so. Many people find a water flosser to not be painful, and even help reduce inflammation and bleeding that may be caused by flossing with traditional floss. When used every day with brushing, you'll be sure to have gums and teeth that are healthy.

If is important that you read the directions that came with the water flosser to ensure that you are using it correctly. If not, you could just be moving the plaque around instead of washing it away. Your dentist may have tips for using the device as well.

If you do have sensitive teeth, try using lukewarm water so that your teeth do not react to it.

Electric Toothbrush

You can also use an electric toothbrush to clean between your teeth, though an ordinary electric toothbrush will not do the trick. You will want one that sprays water between your teeth to act in a similar way as the water flosser. The bristles will vibrate as well, which will help remove any plaque that is stuck between your teeth. It can be quite effective if you not only brush with the toothbrush, but focus on working it between teeth.

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