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4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Teeth After A Root Canal Treatment

After you have a root canal performed on your mouth, you need to treat your mouth with care. Your mouth is going to be sore and sensitive for a while, and you need to be careful about how you treat your mouth. Treating your mouth with care will help ensure that your mouth heals properly from the root canal treatment.

#1 Wait to Eat

First, you need to make sure that you wait to eat until you have feeling in your mouth again. During your procedure, your mouth is going to be numbed. You will not have full sensation in your mouth after the procedure. That is why you should wait to eat until you have full sensation in your mouth. Without full sensation, it can be difficult to eat and you may harm your mouth.

#2 Fill Your Prescription

Second, make sure that you go to the pharmacy after your procedure and get your prescriptions filled. You should be given one prescription of antibiotics. The antibiotics will help ensure that you don't develop an infection at the site of your root canal or the antibiotics can be used to fight an infection if you already have one.

Make sure that you take all of your antibiotics. Not taking all of your antibiotics can be detrimental to your overall and long-term health as you may develop a resistance to the very drug that you are taking.

You should also be given a prescription to help you deal with the pain that you are feeling as well. Make sure to get this prescription filled as well. Take the medication as prescribed, and stop taking it once you feel better.

Don't avoid the pain prescription. It will help reduce the inflammation and will help you heal.

#3 Keep Your Mouth Clean

Third, you need to make sure that you keep your mouth clean, especially around the site of the root canal. Make sure that you brush your teeth after each time that you have a meal. Be sure to floss really well around the root canal site. You may also want to use mouthwash and water to rinse out your mouth and keep things clean.

Pay special attention to the area around your root canal, and make sure that you really keep this area clean. It will take a while for your mouth to fully heal, and you don't want the gum or tooth to become infected again.

After your root canal, wait until you have feeling back in your mouth before you eat anything. That way, you can protect your mouth from injury. Get your antibiotic and pain prescription filled right away. Be sure to take your full antibiotic prescription and take the pain medication as needed. The pain medication will keep the inflammation down and help your body heal. Take extra care to keep your mouth clean; this will help the area around the root canal heal up properly.

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