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Veneers To Improve Your Smile And Give You Confidence

A crooked smile can make it hard for you to feel confident. With cosmetic dental veneers services, you can have teeth that are oddly shaped, crooked, discolored, or even not long enough turned into teeth that fit perfectly in your mouth. Veneers are a permanent solution, when you are looking to change how your teeth look on the surface. When you have teeth that are structurally sound, but you don't like the shape, veneers can have a big impact. When you aren't feeling great about your appearance because of your smile, it's time to see what your options are. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to have the smile that you deserve.

When Teeth are Too Short

If you have several teeth that are too short, veneers can lengthen your teeth, so that they are in line with the rest of your smile. Talk with your dentist about choices, when it comes to veneers and changing the length of your existing teeth. 

If Your Teeth are Discolored

There are a number of reasons that you may have permanently discolored teeth. If dark, stained teeth keep you from smiling wide, veneers are going to give you the white teeth that you want. A white smile helps you look younger and more vibrant.

For Crooked Teeth That Are Oddly Shaped

Sometimes braces are not the answer for poorly shaped or crooked teeth. Veneers can be used to create a straight smile the moment the veneers are put on. It's an easy process, and your dentist will talk to you about how veneers are used to change the shape of your teeth.

Getting Your Veneers

Choosing to get cosmetic dental veneers services is a permanent decision, as veneers are cemented to your existing teeth. A small amount of enamel will be taken off your existing teeth so that the veneers are able to attach to your teeth. While the shape can be changed or a veneer can be replaced, if necessary, you can expect that your veneers are going to remain permanently. You don't have to treat veneers any differently than you would your natural teeth.

If you are tired of a stained, crooked smile, it's time to consider dental veneers for cosmetic dentistry purposes. You can change the entire look of your smile, giving you the confidence you want when you smile at other people. Dental veneers allow you to have the smile you have always wanted. For more information, contact a dental office that offers cosmetic dental veneer services.