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Need Braces Without The Appearance Of Braces? Try This.

Many people have never heard of sublingual braces, and that's a shame. They can be the option you're looking for to straighten your teeth without marring your appearance. Read on to learn more about sublingual braces.

How Do They Work?

Sublingual braces look a lot like traditional braces. But wait! Don't worry, you won't be able to see them at all. That's because sublingual braces are essentially standard metal braces that are mounted to the backs of your teeth.

By mounting them on the back, you can eliminate the appearance of having braces and still get all of the benefits of standard metal braces.

How Do They Stay Clean?

Keeping sublingual braces clean is a fairly easy process. It actually works the same way as it does with standard braces: you floss, brush, and, if needed, use interdental brushes.

Brushing and flossing are still a must while you have braces. You can either use a water flosser or use a flosser with a handle in order to make it easier.

While you still want to maintain good oral hygiene, one of the great things about sublingual braces is that you're not at risk of developing those stains on the fronts of your teeth that some people with traditional braces get.

How Do They Feel?

Like standard metal braces, sublingual braces should be painless. After they're put in place, you'll feel a little pressure of them on your teeth, but that will quickly become unnoticeable.

After that, the only time you should really notice your sublingual braces is when they're tightened. This is done on a regular basis in order to manually correct your smile and to keep it moving in the direction that it needs to in order to give you the perfectly straight teeth you're looking for.

Any Other Advantages?

There are a lot of great advantages to sublingual braces. They work just as well as standard braces, for example, so you can expect faster and more significant adjustments to your smile than you could if you were using invisible braces.

Sublingual braces are a great choice for anyone who is looking for the efficacy of metal braces without a shining mouth of metal showing every time you flash a smile. If you've been interested in braces and haven't been able to get them because you need to maintain a professional appearance or you'd just be embarrassed, consider sublingual braces.

Speak to your dentist to learn about your braces options.