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Why Visit a Special Needs Dentist for Your SPD Child?

When you have a child who has SPD, also known as Sensory Processing Disorder, you know that everything your child takes in the process and filter in their own special way. While some activities and sensations don't both your child at all or even appear to give them any signs of stress, others can cause them to feel anxious or have a full-blown panic attack.

Going to the dentist for your SPD child can be a combination of sensory overload and sensory fulfillment, depending on if your child is a sensory seeker or a sensory avoiding child. Children with SPD are fully able to process the normal sensations that all people do, but their brains process the information received in an unusual way, which means that the touch of a dentist's gloved finger in their mouth, the sensation of the drill, or the dental sounds in the office can be overwhelming and perceived in a strange way.

A special needs dentist can help your child have a more successful dental visit. Here are some reasons why your child needs to see a special needs dentist when they have SPD.

Your child needs a dentist who understands them

Your child's special needs dentist will be able to offer your child the time they need to take in their surroundings and what's happening so they don't get as overwhelmed as they might otherwise. A special needs dentist will be able to anticipate your child's aversion to dental work and can help them navigate their appointment with the least amount of stress or sensory triggers possible.

Your child needs a safe environment to get dental work in

A special needs dentist likely has a different type of room than a traditional dentist. The clinics are often designed to allow your child to feel safe and to keep distractions at bay. A special needs dentist may have a room that is more padded for soundproofing, may have additional sensory toys and devices to help put your child at ease, and may even have modified chairs and tables to make your child's experience more successful.

Before making an appointment with a special needs dentist for your child, ask what the dental specialties are in your area. The right dentist will be able to meet your child's needs and help them feel secure in their care and will help you feel great about the dental practitioner you choose as well.