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2 Issues Caused By Not Having Your Severely Crooked Teeth Corrected By An Orthodontist

When your teeth are severely crooked, you may feel self-conscious and tend to hide your smile. While you may hate the effect they have on your self-esteem, you may believe that the crookedness of your teeth only causes issues with your appearance and have not taken steps to correct the problem.

However, severely crooked teeth can also adversely affect your dental and overall health. Below are just a couple of the issues that are a direct result of not having your severely crooked teeth corrected by an orthodontist.

1. Decreases Ability to Fully Clean Your Teeth Can Increase the Risk of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

One issue that is often caused by severely crooked teeth is that the problem increases your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. When your teeth are crooked enough to push against one another and overlap, it can be difficult to fully clean the teeth and gum line while brushing and flossing.

Because of the decreased ability to fully clean your teeth, food particles can become trapped, and bacteria will feed upon them. As a result, the enamel will start to break down, leading to cavities and eventual tooth decay. And, because of incomplete flossing, the gums are more prone to gingivitis, and eventually, periodontal disease.

2. Increased Strain and Pressure on Your Jawbone Can Make You Experience More Frequent Headaches

Another health issue that can be caused by severely crooked teeth is an increase in headaches. When your teeth are crooked and bite down and chew, more strain and pressure are placed on the jawbone and its muscles.

Because of the increased strain on the muscles, they can tense up and start to spasm. Since the muscles around your mouth are connected to those of your head, the increased tension can trigger headaches frequently. If you have frequent headaches, having your teeth corrected can help to lessen or possibly eliminate them.

When your teeth are severely crooked, they can impact you in more ways than affecting your self-esteem or desire to fully show off your smile. It can also decrease your ability to fully clean your teeth and increase your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. The increased strain and pressure on your jawbone can also make you experience headaches more frequently. To find out what can be done to correct your crooked teeth and help prevent these issues, make an appointment to speak with an orthodontist in your area.