Two Ways Dental Implants Could Have Changed George Washington's Life

Most schoolchildren have heard the story about George Washington's wooden teeth. While the myth is prevalent, it's not entirely true. America's first president certainly had plenty of oral problems; however, his multiple sets of dentures were made from various materials including hippopotamus ivory, brass and gold. Rumor has it he may have even bought teeth from the slaves, although history is unsure of what, if anything, he did with these gruesome purchases. [Read More]

Emergency Crown Repair: What To Do When You Can't Get To A Dentist Right Away

While dental crowns are designed to be incredibly durable, it is possible for the adhesive used to keep these crowns in place to fail over time. When this happens, it is important for the crown to be put back in place as quickly as possible in order to avoid an infection in the surrounding gums. Having this procedure completed is quick and easy if your crown happens to fall out while your close to a dentist and are able to schedule an appointment, but what do you do if visiting a dentist in the near future is not a possibility? [Read More]

Get Maximum Results With The Minimum Amount Of Dentistry

The thought of cosmetic dentistry often evokes images of Hollywood smiles and expensive makeovers. However, although they are great, these makeovers do not suit every individual. A great aspect of cosmetic dentistry is that you can get superb results with minimal effort. Indeed, it takes the skill of a seasoned dentist to see how a small adjustment may be all that is needed to give a patient the result they are looking for. [Read More]